Welcome to my blog.
I have a mission. A passion. Something that affects one in 4 people, is stigmatised and not talked about enough. I aim to help change this.

This blog, my podcast and my vlogs are all aimed to open up the world of living every day with mental health issues and disorders. To help raise awareness and life the stigma surrounding mental health my having frequent, honest and open conversations about living every day with mental health problems.

Alongside this blog, I will have weekly podcast episodes and Vlogs dedicated to this, please feel free to check them out.

An everyday look at living with Mental Illnesses and Disorders as your standard issue 30something Married British Person.

Here I will talk about my experiences with various mental health disorders and illnesses, how I cope every day and how I’ve experienced depression etc. with mile stones and other people.
This includes therapy, medication, exercise, marriage, unhealthy relationships and many more.

Podchaser - Exercising Depression