“We Progress” Short Film Premiere: Let’s Talk About Mental Health

This week I have a very exiting announcement! I have an wonderful guest on my podcast Exercising Depression, long time friend and Director David Gregory.

David is the director and one of the creators of an incredible short film called We Progress:

This film has a simple but powerful message: Let’s Talk About Mental Health. If you’ve been listening or following me for a significant time you’ll know that is is a message that is very dear and close to my heart.

My main goal in life is to confront and eradicate the stigma that surrounds mental health, talking about mental health and those of us who suffer with it. I aim to do this with conversation; often, open and honestly.

I won’t share too much about the film here; it premier’s on YouTube tonight at 8pm (8/5/2020 8pm GMT) and I want as many of you to watch it. Not only that I hope you check out the Exercising Depression podcast episode beforehand, where I chat with David about the project, his and the other creators visions when creating an filming it and their hopes for it’s impact and message to be shared.

I’ll most likely be writing and publishing a follow up blog post after the premiere to share my own thoughts on it; please join in tonight and feel free to hang around afterwards to char to the creators and other viewers. It’ll be great and very worth your time.


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