I’m back and ready to start the conversation…


So this is a tiny bit weird. I’ve not been here for quite a while! I left for personal reasons, but I’ve decided to take up this platform once again. I recently got a couple of email notifications that people had stared following this blog, of which a I have to admit, I forgot about until then. So I will be taking this back up and syncing it with the scheduling of my new(ish) podcast and YouTube channel…

In 2019 I decided to start a podcast (as most people have, I’m sure!) about my mental health, I’ll leave links below if you want to check it out. It’s a podcast about me, my daily struggles with mental illness and my attempt to lift the stigma surrounding mental illness by having open, frequent and honest conversations about everything that comes with mental health.

Thank you sincerely to those who hav recently started following this blog, it was the kick up the behind I needed.

I stay tuned! I upload new podcast episodes and vlogs on Fridays, and this will now include a blog post so watch this space!


Thanks everyone!



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